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10 Tips for Hiring a Legal Document Preparer

  1. Review the resources available on our Consumers page.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the Legal Document Assistant Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and the LDA Client’s Bill of Rights.

  3. Hire only a bonded and registered legal document assistant (LDA). Check the LDA’s registration number and expiration date by verifying the information with your local County Clerk.

  4. Carefully review the LDA’s website and printed materials. Are they sloppy or full of errors? If so, how much confidence does that give you about the documents you are having prepared?

  5. Avoid “paralegals” or document preparers who promise “attorney supervision” or claim they have a lawyer on staff.

  6. Make sure your legal document preparer presents you with the LDA contract required under California law, and gives you an opportunity to thoroughly review it before signing. Make sure you are given a copy of the signed contract and a receipt for payment.

  7. Take the time to review publicly available legal information and any self-help reference materials provided to you by your LDA.

  8. Avoid any LDA who suggests or encourages you to put false or incomplete information in your legal documents.

  9. Refrain from asking your non-attorney legal document preparer to provide you with legal advice regarding your specific circumstances, which would be considered the unauthorized practice of law (UPL).

  10. Make sure your LDA’s name and credentials are stamped on every legal document prepared for your signature.


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Tips for Hiring an LDA