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How to Register as a California Legal Document Assistant

The Alliance of Legal Document Assistant Professionals (ALDAP) offers the following information and guidelines for paralegals and aspiring legal document assistants who wish to professionally prepare legal documents for members of the public. This information is current as of publication; however it is always sensible to contact your local County Clerk to determine whether there are any additional requirements for registration as an LDA.

1) Locate and memorize in its entirety California Business and Professions Code §§ 6400-6415. Understanding and compliance with the laws governing LDAs is of the foremost import in creating your business practices model.

2) Determine the appropriate form of business entity for your practice.

3) Review the County Clerk’s website for LDA information and processes for your particular county(ies). Obtain the appropriate application for registration as a California LDA — Corporation, Partnership, or Individual.

4) Contact an insurance company that offers LDA bonds. Complete the application process and obtain your original bond. Only one bond is required. You do not need to obtain an additional bond to register in additional counties (“secondary registration”).

5) Deliver in person to the Office of the County Clerk the following items:

  • ID photo (as directed)
  • Completed LDA registration application
  • Original bond
  • Education credentials, including paralegal certificate
  • Required fees for application and fees for recording of the bond
  • It may also be helpful to bring a copy of §§ 6400, et seq., as many county clerks are not readily familiar with the process



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